2017 William Robert Will Release A Series of New Tracks Starting With "TEXAS"


If you live in Texas you play football … it's just what you do. However, when you move to San Francisco, you'll learn very quickly that most people don't have a TV. Additionally, the majority of our residents aren't concerned with sports outside of the social opportunities to drink and have the Warriors, 49ers or SF Giants on the tv in the bar.

William Robert Empire grew up in Round Rock, Texas, a suburb of Austin, about 25 miles from the famous 6th Street. He was at the top of his physical game when he lived in Texas. He played football for the Longhorns at the University of Texas and then played professionally with the Detroit Lions. However, when the sports dream came to an end ... William still had a lot to offer. He just needed to find the right scene.

We aren't sports fanatics in SF, most of our residence couldn't tell you more than 3 names of Giant's players. However, we are passionate about our arts scene, the nightlife in the Bay is extremely profitable. William went as far as you can go with football, now it's time to see what he can do in the music industry.

Now a former NFL football player turned R&B vocalist, William will release a string of singles starting with the attached track "Texas." His music embodies what it means to start a new family while pursuing the most difficult thing one can do: expressing yourself honestly through art. He is attempting to create a soulful sound designed to lift listeners out of the gray. You can read this in his bio, but he lives it on a daily basis. Follow him on social media, meet him in the gym, get a drink at the bar and you'll quickly experience and hopefully adopt his zeal for life.

Get ready for some game-winning singles to be released by this champion of an artist. You should expect to hear some familiar sounds as his tracks will feature Bay Area backing band The Park, vocals by Claire George of San Francisco’s Heartwatch and Gospel singer Nona Brown.

Without further ado, from William Robert, his first track of 2017, "TEXAS."

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