BBSJ Session: 04/11/15


Next Session: Saturday, April 11th @ SLG Art Boutiki & Gallery

Group Brainstorm - bring your pens, pads and ideas! We're going to utilize this session to further discuss ideas that we as a group can implement to unify, strengthen and further boost our local music community or "scene" to the next level.

Objective: There will be plenty of useful information shared so make an effort to bring at least one new person to the next meeting!

Future Sessions @ Rockbar Theater: Sat April 18th -- Band Booking Etiquette Sat May 9th -- Live Sound & Sound Checking

Review of Past Sessions

We are in process of transposing our notes from each session and adding them as files in the BBSJ Group on Facebook. So far we've uploaded notes from Jan 24th Brainstorming, Visual Branding Presentation from Feb 7th (thanks to Genevieve Primavera), and March 28th Boosting The All-Ages Scene sessions. We are working on compiling our notes from Crowd Funding, Touring Best Practices, Craig Goldy/Chris Moore, Social Media, EPK, and Brainstorming sessions.

BBSJ Show Calendar

Balanced Breakfast: San Jose Local Show Calendar is up and running thanks to Karen Spencer! If you would like your show listed, please email Karen and let her know the details. This is a great way to support each other by going to each other's shows and spreading the word about BBSJ bands and artists.