Drea M. Pulls Us Into The "Riptide"


Wandering through crumbling structures and a misty bay, Drea M. emerges barefoot and alone but for the thrumming of guitar strings and a sparse but solid kick drum to guide her. The heavy drum pulses once and then again, and we find Drea waking up, her face pressed into a forest floor. Haunting but with a hardened edge, like a wayward soul flitting in and out of purgatory, Drea M's vocals seem to chase her figure as she runs along the scene. The figure seems lost, though curious and not frightened, and most especially not the least bit surprised at where her wandering and reawakening takes her. Either she is fearless in the face of this chaos, or she's seen it too many times to be affected by it.

"Are you gonna waste another year

Waitin' for someone who don't know you're there

'Til you turn and learn to walk away

Into the dark of the bay..."

The chorus hints at an answer: perhaps this has happened before, and will keep happening until she gives up waiting and gives in to the pull of the riptide.

A watch appears on the ground, spinning erratically in different directions before we find Drea awake in what appears to be a comfortable space for a change. Another change is that Drea, despite the safety of the room, cannot sleep. She is no longer flitting in and out of consciousness, no longer lost, and in that space, she's trapped alone with her thoughts.

"When I wrote 'Riptide,' I was trying to find power and empowerment in solitude," Drea notes about the song. "I was trying to make sense out of time, and all of the expectations that come with it." The lyrics, rarely mouthed by the protagonist in the video, exist as more of an inner narrative, as the character contemplates the passage of time, and whether it is running out.

Coming to after an insomnia-tinted night, Drea approaches the sea, faces another clock, and finally faces herself. Whether she truly escapes the time loop is unknown, but she seems to have broken the cycle at last.

Check out Drea. M's video for "Riptide" below, and let me know if I got it completely wrong.