Friends W/O Benefits - "Going To Town On The City"

Ba ba da na na na, ba ba da da na na... "We're gooooiiinnggg doooowwwwnnn..." Friends without Benefits

I have the distinct pleasure of sharing Friends W/O Benefits' new single "Going To Town On The City."

Stream it over at Planet Stereo Live here.

Trading wisecracks, Toy-Machine references, covers, and originals, all while making you dance and move and groove, Friends W/O Benefits is a band not to be missed in person. Dig in!

Cadet Edac, a regular contributor to this very blog, is a masked musical maniac that makes me want to trade in my Netflix subscription for a purple wristband and go see more live shows.


Cadet Edac sees the world through characters.

His counterpart in FW/OB is the White Trash Ninja, equally misterioso and brash, who trades off guitar, vocal, and drum duties on this catchy new jam. The two of them put on a VERY fun show, and I personally am quite excited for their COMIC BOOK RELEASE SHOW on September 4th at Neck of the Woods.


White Ninja doesn't give a ... what?

Listen as these two masked marauders bounce around blistering vocals, describing an ideal night in (2010 back when rent was undoubtedly MUCH cheaper) San Francisco. They freely namedrop Elbo Room, Rickshaw Stop, and Dolores Park among many others.

Stream "Going To Town On The City" over at Planet Stereo Live.

Don't say I didn't warn ya! KABLAM!