Get To Know: The Oakland Mind

Oakland takes over in the Richmond this coming week, and you should be totally stoked.

The Oakland Mind aren’t just a rap group with clever rhymes and unique production (although they do meet that criteria), they are a state of mind. This is a prime reason Neck of the Woods is going to be popping off this Thursday night.


The Oakland Mind is on their way to becoming the next generation’s ultimate Bay Area hip-hop collective. With a few mixtapes that are standalone masterpieces, and a slew of solo material scattered across their site, they are proving to be a powerful voice in the Bay’s hip-hop scene. They are just that talented and dedicated with their weekly Cyphers, to their fantastic craft.

When the Balanced Breakfast Residency kicks off on September 4th, you don’t want to be the total barney who missed out. Go see the Oakland Mind along with Friends W/O Benefits, the Y Axes and Growwler. Why should you go? Because this is the future of Bay Area hip-hop, and you should bear witness.

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