Picture Atlantic & Owl Paws at Thee Parkside

On Tuesday June 25th, San Francisco-based Owl Paws finally got to play a show with San Jose's Picture Atlantic. The two local bands opened for Vinnie Caruana of The Movielife and Geoff Rickly of Thursday, who are on tour together, playing acoustic. During Owl Paws' opening set, guitarist Colin Hayes said Picture Atlantic is one of his favorite local bands and that it was such a pleasure to be able to play a show with them. Touted as an acoustic show, Owl Paws and Picture Atlantic actually played full-band. However, those familiar with Owl Paws know that frontman Derek Schultz plays acoustic guitar, and bassist Timothy Vickers plays upright bass, so they are always sort of acoustic. The set included some songs from the Carry On EP, as well as new songs from the upcoming EP Cold Lead Bath, set to be released July 17th at Elbo Room, with Cold Eskimo, Dogcatcher, and The Crux.

Picture Atlantic played a somewhat stripped-down set: they played older songs which are more reliant on Nik Bartunek's acoustic guitar. Drummer Daniel Martinez had a minimal kit and keyboardist Brian Graves played a small organ. The band played several songs off the album Kleos, which came out five years ago this week and rarely gets played at shows. The band sat out as Nik played a brand-new song by himself. Picture Atlantic will be announcing a very special show in San Francisco very soon.

Thee Parkside is a small venue which gets hot and stuffy quite quickly, but has a back patio and a fantastic menu, so I sat out Vinnie Caruana's set and had some delicious curry tots - highly recommended. I'm also not very familiar with Geoff Rickly's music, both solo and with Thursday, but what I heard was great. Emotional, powerful, and with good banter in between songs. Vinnie and Geoff closed out the show playing Thursday and Movielife songs together, with one picking his favorite of the other's band's songs