Sondre Lerche At The Independent

Sondre_Lerche_by_Stefan_2 article by: David Rabkin, show photos by Stefan - SF Intercom The live show is alive and well. Everyone loves a great album, a single you can’t get out of your head, a music video that blows your mind over and over. But the concert hall is where you can unite with real, live human beings, where strangers come together for music. Concerts helps make a community out of individual listeners. There you can connect with a performer directly- not through a screen, but face to face.

Sondre Lerche at The Independent- you had to be there.

The Independent is one of the gems of San Francisco music life. There’s a reason bands like The Killers and Death Cab For Cutie play there- the sound is great, the stage is nice, and the vibe is just right.


Sondre came across as a sincere, pleasant, and good natured young man. (And he dresses well, too). He gave the audience real insight into his life. He talked about what it’s like to be a performer, writing songs for years and hoping they connect with your audience when released. The feeling of relief and excitement when you see so many people connect to the music in the far away place he visits once every few years. He rolled with the punches- like having a sore throat and giving a great performance anyway. He had some gear die while on stage, but played through it ... and sounded amazing. Regardless of his slashed up finger from playing guitar the night before, he kept strumming even though it hurt. He sacrificed himself for the audience, and they loved it. They seemed to know every song, happily singing along.


Sondre is an excellent guitarist. He really gets the blues, gets rhythm guitar and gets lead. Whatever American blues and British rock made it into Norway, Sondre must have listened to all of it. He delivered a personal and honest performance. To perform a full song without any amplification and make it work- that takes courage and vocal power.

Sondre's drummer is a badass. A propelling force with well timed explosions. The whole band is great- they sound like they’ve played together forever. A favorite moment- when the music was smoothly moving forward, the whole band suddenly ups the tension- changing the time, getting louder, more intense- and then with a seamless transition, back to smooth sailing, like it never even happened. Add in some great stage banter, and now you’ve got a band going.

Brooklyn’s Teen did great work opening up. Really enjoyed the bassists’ fretless playing. Sadly, their gear was stolen. It’s sad they’ll associate San Francisco with that. (If you want more details or want to help, please visit teen's Facebook page or their PledgeMusic page:

Sondre Lerche is keeping live music alive and well. May even more people sing along at his next SF show.