Stream Wicked Man's New Single "Soil Leaking Water"

Wicked Man  

Wicked Man writes music that digs under your skin. On paper, this group combines elements of jazz and math-rock with processed guitar and eerie melodies. So, it's not exactly pop music.

But you may be surprised by how catchy their new song "Soil Leaking Water" is. Both the vocal melody and groove are rock-solid, that's what initially kept me coming back for more. And with repeated listens, new layers and textures are exposed - ones that didn't reveal themselves after the first play. Very cool.

As 1,600 Soundcloud streams within 10 days of its release demonstrates, it's clear that others feel similarly. Check out "Soil Leaking Water" below:


Wicked Man's new single Soil Leaking Water is a slithering, subterranean song that grooves harder than anything they've ever done. It's also weirder, darker, and heavier than their previous Fingerships EP.

Their sound combines Max Denny's syncopated drumming with Andrew Kunz's haunting keyboards with the strangely plucked guitars and raspy vocals of frontman Yonatan Tietzz. Comparisons to Alt-J barely scratch the surface of this trio.

Just when you think the song starts to make sense, it switches into a twisted 3/4 beat and then disappears completely.


Wicked Man in focus

Wicked Man plays the Legionnaire Saloon with Bourgeouis Speedball and El Elle on August 21st. More info available at their website