Video: DonCat - 'Where Wind Blows' Live @ The Chapel Bar

1026192_441846579275170_624000732_o As a youth, Duncan 'DonCat' Nielsen's grandma gave him an odd pile of European released Beach Boys tapes, which lead him to the record store searching for other oddities. Coming from a family of music enthusiasts, including a dad with a penchant for Cream and the blue shades of Jimi Hendrix, a brother with drum line credentials and a composer himself, and a mother who did Linda Ronstadt's version of Blue Bayou at her high school talent show, he was poised for writing melodic music in a nostalgia-brand rock and soul format. He currently lives and makes music in the Corona Heights district of San Francisco, CA.

I caught his set recently at The Chapel Bar and decided to grab a video. Follow DonCat on Facebook and subscribe on youtube. Catch him tonight 6/27 at Slims.


6/27 SF, CA @ Slims 7/9 LA, CA @ Silverlake Lounge 7/10 Phoenix, AZ @ Lost Leaf 7/11 San Diego, CA @ Sycamore Den