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Hi Contributors!

Thanks so much for what you do! This page is here to offer a resource and reference for producing content for the Balanced Breakfast blog. Have a look around to find out how to submit articles, how articles should be styled, and more.

First, let's run through the workflow and a short FAQ

Writers are free to be creative and submit articles covering a variety of topics pertaining to the music industry. All content funnels through the Blog Editor before publishing, so think of each composition as collaborative and open. The editor will provide feedback as needed.

Once you pitch or present an article for the first time, or if an article is assigned, you and the editor will work out a schedule of dates, including a review, deadline, and publishing date. Your final draft submission should include photos and other appropriate rich media.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I write about?
How long does my article need to be?
How much time do I have to submit an article?
My article is proving to be more challenging/time consuming than I expected. Can the submission be rescheduled?
What photos should I use in my article?
Can I plug my band/show/release?