Crashing Hotels New Single 'Hardcore Cherokee' out on Spotify TODAY!


Today Crashing Hotels released their new jam 'Hardcore Cherokee,' their first single off of their upcoming album, "Exploration Exploitation." They hit me up and requested I listen and follow. I listened, I followed and now I'm requesting the same thing from you.

Do you like: Bleach Day, Travis Hayes, Knolls, Cruel Wonders, Blue Foot Fool, Two Bars from the Gun? I only know one of those bands (Travis Hayes) and I love Crashing Hotels. Thus I assume the math should suggest that if you like at least one of these bands you'll like them too. If you don't know any of these bands ... you need to listen to more music. So listen to this jam from Crashing Hotels:

Glad you took a second to listen, I hope you enjoyed the streaming version. If you didn't ... we can't be friends. If you did ... I'll see you at their next show!

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